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Florida House Passes ASL Interpreters Bill Unanimously –via WFSU


Currently there are no standard qualifications for American Sign Language interpreters in public schools. But Thursday the Florida House passed a bill unanimously that could that.


3 awesome translations from this sign language rap battle on Jimmy Kimmel Live –viaThe Week


Holly Maniatty, Joann Benfield, Amber Galloway Gallego are American Sign Language interpreters who have worked concerts for some of the biggest names in rap. Jimmy Kimmel had them on his show for a “rap battle” where they took turns interpreting for Wiz Khalifa as he performed “Black and Yellow.”

People often watch sign language interpreters to see how they’re going to sign a particular word, but sign interpretation isn’t a word-for-word recreation of a song. In fact, no kind of language interpretation works that way. When it comes to interpreting, meaning is key, and that means finding not just the right words, but the right way to frame a whole idea. These three interpreters do a great job capturing the meaning and feeling of the lyrics in this song. Here are 3 particularly good translations.


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Hearing-impaired seek justice for Florida man –via News 4


Hearing-impaired seek justice for Florida man

Hundreds of Floridians rally at Capitol seeking justice for Felix Garcia


A deaf Florida man has spent more than 30 years of his life behind bars for a crime his brother has since confessed to. Hundreds of Floridians who are hearing-impaired are making noise to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Felix Garcia was convicted of murdering a man in Tampa in 1983. Garcia is deaf and the court had no interpreter to help him understand his trial. He has spent every day since behind bars — even after his brother admitted to the murder.

“He went into court, he didn’t know what was going on, he signed things he didn’t know he was signing and the result was he was incarcerated and he’s still in jail,” said Lissette Molina Wood, president of the Florida Association of the Deaf.

Hundreds of Floridians rallied at the Capitol seeking justice for Garcia. The majority of the group were deaf and demanding legislation that would require all interpreters to be certified, legislation they said could have helped Garcia.

“It is critical that those interpreters are competent and qualified,” said Vicky Fales, of the Florida Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.

The group hopes that if the bill were to ever become a law, what happened to Garcia in the 1980s would never happen again.

“This is about information, this is about the ability for individuals to receive proper legal representation, proper health care, proper education,” said Sen. Thad Altman, R-Melbourne.

Tom Linares and his family traveled from Clearwater to show support. He said his son can’t get proper treatment in hospitals because of the communication barrier.

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3 LI hospitals failed to help dying deaf patient: suit –via NY Post

Picture of Alfred Weinrib.JPG

Alfred Weinrib died of cancer but never knew his diagnosis after 3 Long Island hospitals allegedly did not have sign language interpreters on staff.

A cancer-stricken deaf man died without ever knowing his diagnosis after three Long Island medical facilities failed to get him sign-language interpreters — for seven months, his family charges.

Alfred Weinrib, 82, even attempted suicide after nurses at one geriatric rehab facility ignored his desperate pleas for help getting to the bathroom because they couldn’t understand him, his children claim in a Brooklyn federal court lawsuit.

The nightmare began in September 2012, when the longtime Flushing, Queens, resident went to Winthrop University Hospital in Mineola, LI, with seizures. A doctor there allegedly told the family the hospital didn’t provide interpreters for the deaf.

Nothing changed after Weinrib, a printer by trade who once wrote for Silent News, a national newspaper for the deaf, was transferred to the Gurwin Jewish Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Commack, his children say.

And a nurse at Good Samaritan Hospital in West Islip, where Weinrib was also treated, laughed when the family showed her a sign in the facility encouraging deaf patients to request interpreters, according to court papers.

“Diagnosis and treatment options were not explained in a meaningful way to Alfred Weinrib or his family,” allege Lance and Melinda Weinrib, who are “Procedures were performed . . . without fully and clearly explaining . . . the risks and benefits.”

Videophones, which should have helped Weinrib communicate, were broken, his kids — who are also deaf — claim.

He died in April of malignant melanoma.

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Deaf patients in healthcare battle—via The Press


DEAF patients are being denied fair access to healthcare in York, a damning report has found.

One deaf mother had to watch her baby have an unexplained injection and another person had her blood taken without being told why, a report by watchdog Healthwatch York said.

At York Hospital, one cancer patient’s son had to tell his father the condition was terminal, due to a lack of available sign language interpreters.

Young mothers have said they are worried about getting to the GP when their babies are ill due to a two to three week waiting list for an interpreter.

Healthwatch York said there was a “significant litigation risk” arising from misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment.

The watchdog said: “This work has revealed that there are a number of problems faced by deaf people in accessing health and social care services in York. Deaf people are also excluded from a wide range of public meetings and engagement events as no provision is made for their inclusion.

“Deaf people are not asking for special treatment, just equal treatment.”

At a public meeting for deaf people in York last summer, the majority of reported problems related to GP surgeries, with patients struggling to book appointments and a lack of access to interpreters.

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