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Certified Medical Interpreters, LLC
CMI is the first and only remote interpretation service to utilize certified medical interpreters on every single call. Only the most highly trained and qualified interpreters work with our partners providing accurate and efficient medical interpretation; eliminating key communication barriers and enhancing patient safety. In addition, we play a vital role in organizations’ efforts to maintain compliance with government regulations and meet standards developed by healthcare accreditation bodies.

Sixty million Americans speak a language other than English at home. The stress of dealing with illness or injury combined with the often technical language utilized in healthcare settings, can easily create communication challenges for those who posses Limited English Proficiency (LEP). CMI stands ready to assist both providers and LEPs by partnering them with certified interpreters. All of our interpreters are nationally certified and have significant medical interpreting experience.

Working with a certified medical interpreter may also allow you to obtain reimbursement in some states. CMI will assist with the reimbursement process on your behalf to obtain payment in states that allow for reimbursement.


About Us

Our Company

We are the first and only interpretation firm to exclusively use nationally certified medical interpreters.

Our medical interpreters are the most highly qualified interpreters in the country having received their national credentials from either The National Board for Certification of Medical Interpreters (A Division of IMIA-International Medical Interpreters Association) or Certification Commission for Health Care Interpreters.

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Certified Medical Interpreters only hires interpreters that have solid knowledge of The Affordable Care Act, hospital operations and maintain the highest level of English accent reduction.

We partner with you to solve complex language access issues, assist you in increasing patient safety and manage your language services costs by getting the applicable reimbursement from various State and Federal programs.

We even do the paperwork for you to ensure that you can focus on the patient not the billing.

Matthew T. Gibbs has more than 25 years of strategic operations and finance experience with a variety of companies. Mr. Gibbs has served as the Chief Financial Officer of several private equity-backed companies including Language Line Services and eTelecare Global Solutions. He also served in a variety of roles within the Walt Disney Company culminating in his appointment to the position of Vice President of the Disney Vacation Club, where he was responsible for Sales, Customer Service, and Real Estate Development and was CFO. Most recently Mr. Gibbs worked as the lead investor directing several private investment funds in the acquisition of assets or companies, minority investments in private firms and raising money for early stage ventures.

Louis Provenzano is the former Chief Executive Officer of Language Line Services.
He frequently writes on medical interpretation and language access issues for various publications on his personal blog and has a newsletter on language news, events and happenings in the world (www.languagetime.org). Mr. Provenzano is an active medical interpreter advocate and lobbyist in Washington, D.C. He remains passionate about securing national reimbursement for medical interpretation services and augmenting the overall quality and success of the profession. Mr. Provenzano is a proud co-founder of the National Board of Certification of Medical Interpreters, the first certification board for medical interpreters in the United States.


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  1. Cynthia Ha says:

    Wow! Adore you, Louis. Hope to share some of your experience. Cynthia

  2. greta azpur says:

    Very nice work.I would like to know more about you.

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