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Language barriers for gap between cops, expats

Cops need to change their attitude

KUWAIT CITY, March 27 : In this week’s online poll, the Arab Times looked at ways of bettering relations between the police and public. Voters mainly blamed language barriers for the existing gap between the police and expatriate residents of Kuwait. About 45% felt so.
Respondents who spoke in support of that view said that they wouldn’t feel comfortable to go to a police station to make a complaint because of the language issue. “We can’t blame the cops when they don’t give us the attention we deserve, because they are as lost as we are. We feel greatly relieved if there is a policeman who speaks English, even if broken.”

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Health care centers’ workers also serve as interpreters via Merced Sun-Star

By YESENIA AMARO      Merced Sun-Star

Using interpreters to help deliver medical care can be costly, so area health centers have taken different routes to bridge the language gap.

At Golden Valley Health Centers, “dual-role employees” have replaced professional medical interpreters.

Dual-role staff members have a primary job, such as medical assistant or receptionist, but they also have language abilities that allow them to interpret for non-English-speaking patients, said Felicia Batts, research program manager with Golden Valley.

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That method has saved the health center a lot of money over the years while ensuring patients get the information they need, she said.

“We can’t afford medical interpreters,” Batts said. “For us, our answer and our belief is that you have to create the infrastructure that prepares yourself to provide these services.”

According to 2010 statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor, the median pay for interpreters was $20.88 per hour.

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Language Time

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For more information on the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters, visit their website at

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Lawmakers push to unionize, regulate Medi-Cal #interpreters via The Tribune


Thousands of Medi-Cal medical interpreters would have the right to join a public employees union and collectively bargain with the state under a legislative push to regulate that profession.

Assembly Speaker John A. Perez is leading the drive, fueled by a major public employees union and sparked in part by federal subsidies for Medi-Cal expansion as part of national health care changes.

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United Nations Careers Page on Facebook



United Nations Careers . Nations Unies Carrières
Company Overview
What we do:The United Nations is an international organization founded in 1945 and committed to maintaining international peace and security; developing friendly relations among nations; promoting social progress, better living standards and human rights.Due to its unique international character, and the powers vested in its founding Charter, the Organization takes action on a wide range of is…See More
Who we are?The world looks to the United Nations for solutions to complex problems everywhere; from ending conflict and alleviating poverty, to combating climate change and defending human rights. The issues on our agenda are manifold and diverse as are the careers we offer. Among our ranks you will find staff members who monitor elections, disarm child soldiers, coordinate relief in humanitaria…See More
General Information

As an international civil servant, you are expected to uphold the highest standards of efficiency, competence and integrity in all matters affecting your work and status. Integrity includes probity, impartiality, fairness, honesty and truthfulness. Those we serve have a right to expect no less.

Help us to create a better world – contribute your talent with pride to advancing the objectives of the United Nations.

En tant que fonctionnaire international, vous serez tenu d’observer les normes les plus élevées en matière d’efficacité, de compétence et d’intégrité dans tous les aspects de votre travail et de votre statut. Qui dit intégrité dit aussi probité, impartialité, équité, honnêteté et bonne foi. Les personnes que nous servons sont en droit d’attendre au moins cela de nous.

Aidez-nous à créer un monde meilleur – mettez avec fierté votre talent au service des idéaux et des objectifs de l’Organisation des Nations Unies.

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